Ozy Wealth Group (and its business partners), provides a full arrange of financial products from the biggest Australian banks. They are licensed by ASIC, Australian biggest banks and other Australian Financial bodies such as MFAA, COSL ect… to consult, advise and obtain funding for local and international property investors. It has a public liability and indemnity insurance of up to $2million each and every claims and $6million in the aggregate.

Ozy Wealth Group is one of the best choice when it comes to finance. It is the most relevant company to have, for local and international investors who want to leverage the borrowed money from Australian banks for their Australian property investments.

For those international investors who don’t want to fund all their property investments by cash, Ozy Wealth Group will assist them to borrow up to 70% of their Property Purchase Value from one of the biggest Australian banks at a very competitive interest rate. Currently, (October 2015) it is less than 5% per annum. Once approved by Ozy Wealth Group, International Investors only need to deposit 10% of the purchase price to the vendor and the remaining will be paid at settlement. International investors will benefit all incentives from Australian banks like a local.

For those international investors with stable income, Ozy Wealth Group should be able to assist them to borrow money from Australian bank to fund up to 70% of their property investments. They don’t have to use any other securities or assets apart from the property they have recently purchased.

International investors will have option to pay off their debt by an instalment method over the 30 years period and at a very low and competitive interest rate. They will have the same benefits offered by Australian banks as local investors.

The benefits of borrowing to fund property investments are numerous: It makes investors’ money work harder, great leverage and it is also free up investors’ cash to acquire or invest in other opportunities. It also reduces the complexity of money transfer at settlement.

The banks are comfortable lending up to 70% of Property Purchase Price to investors, mainly because they believe in the stability of the Australian Property Market. Australia is a country that is heavily regulated and once your property investment is settled you are guaranteed by the government (SRO) to be the owner of that property forever!